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Dart Frogs For Sale / Breeding leucs and anthonyi
«  Nick July 14, 2017, 11:02:01 AM »
2pr of proven leucs in a 20 gallon planted with lights $200

2pr of anthonyi with roughly 20 eggs and 20 tads in a 10 gallon acrylic planted with lights $200

message for images

Alright reptile and amphibian friends, what is the official USArk stance on the "Injurious Wildlife" listing of 201 species of Caudata under the Lacy Act?  I have search their website and Facebook page and all I see is they posted information on the temporary ban. Nothing on positioning the hobby/trade or the fact that a similar proposal has been purposed in 2010 on all amphibians, creating a chytrid free status.
I forgot some of the pricing info so here it is for all 4...

Sat+ Pro Pricing...
18-24" (Mfg# 4010),   CD-92230,   $152.96
24-36" (Mfg# 4011),   CD-92231,   $170.96
36-48" (Mfg# 4012),   CD-92232,   $242.96
48-60" (Mfg# 4013),   CD-92233,   $287.96   

E-Series pricing from
 12" E-30 LED Fixture (Mfg# 9400),   CD-88613,   $132.95
 18" E-45 LED Fixture (Mfg# 9401),   CD-88614,   $170.95
 24" E-60 LED Fixture (Mfg# 9402),   CD-88615,   $189.95
 36" E-90 LED Fixture (Mfg# 9403),   CD-88616,   $265.95
 48" E-120 LED Fixture (Mfg# 9404),   CD-88617,   $313.45

Finnex 24/7 pricing from
20-Inch $74.50
24-Inch $83.13
30-Inch $87.52
36-Inch $113.74
48-Inch $133.92

Aquaticlife edge stats and pricing from
[COLOR="Blue"]24"[/COLOR], [COLOR="Magenta"]36w (30[/COLOR]W) (Mfg# 420284),   CD-87801,   $129.99 ,[COLOR="Red"] On sale  $103.99[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]36"[/COLOR], [COLOR="magenta"] 60w (48W)[/COLOR] (Mfg# 420285),   CD-87802,   $149.99 ,  [COLOR="red"] On sale $127.99[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]48"[/COLOR], [COLOR="magenta"]72w (71W)[/COLOR] (Mfg# 420286),   CD-87803,   [COLOR="red"]$174.99[/COLOR]
So in a couple other threads on DB and on I created posts comparing the stats between some of these different lights and I thought It might be nice/helpful to consolidate all the info into one thread for people to reference, subscribe/bookmark, or in case they don't get over to those forums... whateverz :)IF anyone wants to add other stats/feature lists for other lighting fixtures with similar functionality please feel free :)

I also offer a few thoughts, but in full disclosure have not seen/used the Currentusa Sat+PRO, Ecoxotic E-series, or Aquaticlife Edge. I do have a Finnex 24/7, and I have researched all 4 brands fairly extensively, but of course encourage everyone to do so for themselves and use their own judgement.

This thread is meant to serve mostly as an objective comparison of stats/feature rather then any type of review. No pics or videos in this first post (as of 6/2/2015) are mine so all credit goes to the creators of that stuff...

[COLOR="Purple"]So here we go...[/COLOR]

The E-series has a reflector and then there is some slight wattage and ACTUAL length differences. The Pro is cheaper, has 6500K whites and more RGBw that probably mean better color blending, and the E has 8000K whites with fewer RGBw's. Unsure if the 6500k vs 8000k make much difference since you can adjust the Kelvin with the RGBw's.

Haven't seen the lights in person so not sure if the wattage differences, reflector, number of RGBw in correlation to the 6500k Vs 8000k make much difference.

But here are the stats on each for reference...

[COLOR="Red"]Sat + PRO[/COLOR]

Model   Fits Aquariums   Dimensions   Watts   LEDs
4010   18" - 24" 16.8 x 3.5 x 0.44   [COLOR="red"]20 Watts[/COLOR]   14-6500K/6-RGBW, 20 LEDs total

4011   24" - 36"   22.8 x 3.5 x 0.44   [COLOR="red"]30 Watts[/COLOR]   20-6500K/9-RGBW, 29 LEDs total

4012   36" - 48"   34.8 x 3.5 x 0.44   [COLOR="red"]45 Watts[/COLOR]   30-6500K/14-RGBW, 44 LEDs total

4013   48" - 60"   46.8 x 3.5 x 0.44   [COLOR="red"]60 Watts[/COLOR]   40-6500K/20-RGBW, 60 LEDs total

Read more: Satellite Freshwater LED+ Pro | Current-USA

A few videos..


(Note: The E-series starts at 12.5" while the Pro starts at 16.8", but there is only a 4watt difference either way, and the 12" E-series is a little cheaper then the pro, so it is a judgement call skipping to the next size of E- series for a more direct comparison. If you don't mind the fixture being a bit shorter then the tank and possibly needing to raise it to get coverage the 12" E might be for you)
9400: 12.5 x 2 x 1, [COLOR="red"]16 Watts[/COLOR], 8 Daylight 8,000K/2 RGB LEDs, 10 LEDs total

9401: 18.5 x 2 x 1, [COLOR="red"]24 Watts[/COLOR], 10 Daylight 8,000K/4 RGB LEDs, 14 LEDs total
9402: 24.5 x 2 x 1, [COLOR="red"]32 Watts[/COLOR], 16 Daylight 8,000K/4 RGB LEDs, 20 LEDs total
9403: 36.5 x 2 x 1, [COLOR="red"]46 Watts,[/COLOR] 24 Daylight 8,000K/6 RGB LEDs, 30 LEDs total
9404: 48.5 x 2 x 1, [COLOR="red"]56 Watts[/COLOR],32 Daylight 8,000K/8 RGB LEDs, 40 LEDs total

Read more: E-Series Full Spectrum LED

A few videos...

[COLOR="Blue"][COLOR="Red"]And the Finnex...[/COLOR][/COLOR]

Chart of dawn/dusk cycle and PAR at 7.5" from user Mattinmd (He also created the 3rd video, so special thanks/mention to him for both!) :)

The Planted Tank Forum - View Single Post - Finnex Planted+ 24/7

A few videos...

Read more here:

Basically it seems the Finnex isn't quite as powerful, and not quite as adjustable as the other 2 lights mentioned so far, but it adds the colored dawn/dusk FX, is super easy to set the 24/7 mode, and offers automated dawn/dusk FX in a considerably cheaper light, that still has respectable intensity compared to the other 2. Looks like it works out to about 75-80% the power of the E-series or Sat+PRO, and still get an automated light at 50% or less the price.

You are kinda stuck with the pre programmed 24/7 color/intensity settings if you want the dawn/dusk mode, where as I think you can adjust the intensity of the sat Pro or E-series dawn/dusk cycle, but what you loose in customization, I think will be made up for by price for a lot of people.

[COLOR="Red"]The Aquaticlife Edge[/COLOR]
Now here is the dark horse, well I call it that because it is the light I've heard/know the least about... .

LED Aquarium Lighting | Aquatic Life EDGE LED Fixtures
Or... : Aquatic Life LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 48-Inch : Pet Supplies

Here are it's stats:
(NOTE: Two sets of wattages are listed, and there is a big discrepancy between the two listed for the 36" 48w consumed vs 60w total power...
[COLOR="Blue"]24"[/COLOR], [COLOR="Magenta"]36w (30[/COLOR]W) (Mfg# 420284),   CD-87801,   $129.99 ,[COLOR="Red"] On sale  $103.99[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]36"[/COLOR], [COLOR="magenta"] 60w (48W)[/COLOR] (Mfg# 420285),   CD-87802,   $149.99 ,  [COLOR="red"] On sale $127.99[/COLOR]
[COLOR="blue"]48"[/COLOR], [COLOR="magenta"]72w (71W)[/COLOR] (Mfg# 420286),   CD-87803,   [COLOR="red"]$174.99[/COLOR]

Newest version of this light includes a battery backup which is an important feature, and I'm unsure how the other lights mentioned in this thread handle power outages.

A few videos...

Read more here:

So the Aquaticlife Edge light seems to give up some of the presets and the colored dawn/dusk (which may be a pro or con), and adds about $20-$40 in cost over the Finnex, but still less then the Sat+PRO/E-series, and has that battery backup now.

 Looks like it kinda fills the niche between the Finnex 24/7 and the Sat+PRO and E-series. This might be a good option for those who just don't want the colored dawn/dusk FX of the 24/7 (which I actually really like) and prefer something more traditional, at the cost of giving up some preset modes and adjustable colors, while still saving $$$ over a Sat+PRO or E-series.

I have certain needs/wants and no loyalty to Finnex, CurrentUSA, Ecoxotic, or AquaticLife, and will probably try all 4 brands over the next few months;  assuming the brand that works best for me is still available, I'll go mostly with that light for most of my vivariums... but so far I'm really liking the Finnex 24/7 for the features/price, but I think any of these lights will probably serve my purposes :)
Dart Frogs For Sale / Awarape Tincts
«  Julio March 20, 2015, 02:55:27 PM »
F1s Awarape Tincts

$45 each 1 month old froglets
Buttery yellow as young that will turn solid white as they age.

Paypal accepted.
Shipping available weather permitting.



Food and Nutrition / Re: Repashy Formic-Cal Plus
«  jjuchems March 04, 2015, 10:19:00 AM »
Here is some added suggested reading on Formic Acid in Dart Frogs:
Dart Frogs For Sale / Standard Lamasi/ Highland Sirensis
«  Julio October 09, 2014, 11:52:02 AM »
Probable pair
Holland line
$850 Plus shipping.
about 10 months old
Paypal accepted

General Discussion / MOULD!!
«  kandj October 02, 2014, 04:44:13 PM »
Hi there,

My husband and I are new to dart frogs. The set up we have is a 50 gallon tank with 3 dart frogs. It was 2 plants, a waterfall, a log and a rock. The substrate consists of hydroballs, coco husk and moss. The waterfall reaches the top of the tank and gets mouldy. We have been having trouble keeping the temperate up. We can't seem to get the temperature passed 70 F. We have a 60W Blue day bulb hanging above the tank and 2 lights that run across the of the tank. The top of the tank is glass.

Does anyone know what else we can do? I know of heat pads but there's too much substrate to put it on the bottom and I'm afraid to put it on the side because I'm afraid it's going to burn their feet..any suggestions?
Dart Frogs For Sale / Standard Lamasi/ Highland Sirensis
«  Julio September 29, 2014, 12:44:25 PM »
I have 6 juveniles available
4-6 months old.
Holland Line
$325 each
Shipping available cost of shipping based on buyers choice of carrier.
Paypal/ cash/ ck or money order

Dart Frogs For Sale / Re: Multiple species for sale!
«  Itsalltender September 11, 2014, 11:00:42 AM »
What is left?
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