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General Information about Poison Dart Forum
« : July 21, 2013, 11:33:04 PM »
I want to thank you for taking your time to join, learn, and share on this forum. The operations on this forum may be a bit different than others.

The roles of Administrators and Moderators will be blended as I give administrator roles to those who know more than me on the tech side of things. In rare cases I will be giving admin roles to those who volunteer to help clean-up or ad modifications to the forum.

I believe in civility and respect for one another. I believe we can have conversations, support our hobby and move it forward without callous remarks and keeping to factual based information.

When issues arise or policies put in place discussion among Administrators and Moderators will take place in Muddy Waters. This our way of try to keep discussions and issues as transparent as possible, noting not all issues can be dealt with in Muddy Waters. A second stakeholders group is made up of the site Moderators and group site members that are long-term hobbyists. The stakeholders group will aid in evaluating sever situations. For those who have been on the forums long enough know drama will come. Not all will result in the use of all groups, but if history repeats itself an issue will arise. 

I truly believe as Shawn (Sports_Doc) put it for the site A site FOR hobbyist, run BY hobbyists, in the company of hobbyists! This community is here to support hobbyist, best practices, and to grow the dart frog community.

Thanks for Visiting,
Jason Juchems , Site Owner


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