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Vanzo Viv
« : July 12, 2013, 03:18:05 PM »
Don't think I ever really posted this anywhere... So I figured I would throw some pics on here of my Vanzo Viv.

These are all phone pics so please excuse the quality... I did take some of the process so I'll try to post some of them too.

Here it is after the initial background work.

False bottom in it. It costs a bit more but I like using PVC elbows for under the eggcrate because I don't have to cut/glue anything and it gives me a consistent height.

Initial planting... Substrate is mainly turface with some coco fiber and other organics mixed in. I had been growing out that log with the moss on it for a while and just propped it up in the corner there.

Here it is on the day I put the frogs in... It had been seeded for a couple weeks and I added the leaf litter and such

The frogs exploring their new home:

When my male started calling he would always climb in this cork tube and call down to the ladies... So I figured I'd make things easy for them (and myself):

The frogs apparently don't follow directions very well though...

And I guess that brings me to today... I swapped out the big fireball I had in the middle because it lost all its color ans got really leggy. I think it was too happy... haha I've also done some other general rearranging/replanting over the year and I decided to add a support for that hanging cork tube.

The fern in the front left definitely needs some trimming but honestly I think it kinda looks cool so I've been intentionally procrastinating on that.

I've also been thinking about yanking out the African violet you can sorta see in the back left in favor of more leaf litter... But haven't made up my mind yet.

Oh and here's a couple shots of the inhabitants :)

Removable film can inserts are great:

Thanks for lookin!


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Re: Vanzo Viv
« #1 : July 12, 2013, 03:52:21 PM »
That viv looks fantastic Tom :)

No wonder they are so happy in there.


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